Are all of your health food store purchases healthy for you

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  Are all of your health food store purchases healthy for you?Buyer be smart.Do you buy your dry cereal at the health food store thinking it's healthy for you because it's made with "organic sugar" or sweetened with fruit juice?Whoops, Tin Cans Manufacturers think again. Any sweets whether organic or concentrated fruit juice, affect your metabolism the same as plain old table sugar. They still spike your blood sugar, causing havoc in your glands that control blood sugar, the pancreas, adrenals and liver.If you're sensitized (allergic or addicted) to table sugar you may tolerate concentrated fruit juice better than table sugar (sucrose).But "organic sugar" is still sugar (maybe minus a few trace chemicals).And sugar (concentrated sweets) cause a multitude of problems in your body.Sugar ages you faster than you should, causing more wrinkles.


Sugar makes it harder for your immune system to fight off infections.Sugar can interfere with digestion.Sugar cause degeneration in your body.But sugar (sweets) sell products.So food manufacturers entice you to think your doing something healthy for your body by using "organic sugar". That's because they sell more food products and justify significant price increases for their products simply by printing the word "organic" on the label. But as you can see "organic" is not always a synonym for "healthy."Sugar is the first problem and over-processing is the second problem. Over-processed flour or grain becomes dead food that stresses your body.Corn certainly becomes dead food when it's processed into cornflakes.


First it's heated ( cooked) for almost 2 1/2 hours. Then it's pressed by rollers to form the flakes, shaken and moved along on the conveyor belt. A syrup spray, heated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, coats it. Lastly synthetic vitamins are sprayed on it and it moves into the package.Yes, it's dead food, thoroughly thrashed, bashed, overcooked, devoid of all enzymes and diminished in vitamin and other nutrient content. Synthetic vitamins aren't so great either.So avoid all those highly processed, nutritionally deficient "organic" foods like organic potato chips, corn chips, donuts, waffles, sugar-added cereals, pizza, and frozen dinners.Shop from the same aisles in the health food store as you would in the regular grocery store. Simply choose your food from the produce and meat section and carefully find the other whole food such as whole grain products and nuts.Choose health promoting whole food to nourish your precious body. After all, where will you live when your body wears out?

Named after the Duke of Wellington after he defeated Napoleon

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Named after the Duke of Wellington after he defeated Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo, the dish is a national treasure of sorts. To get spoonful’s of this indulgent dish, head to Bob Bob Ricard in Mayfair or to the good old Smith of Smithfield in Farringdon.Head to Aside in Peckham to grab crispy fluffs of Yorkshire Puddings with a hearty Sunday Roast or run to the lady Abercorn Pub and Kitchen for a bottomless version of your favourite puffy crisps full of goodness.Hong KongHong Kong cuisine has a wide Chinese influence on its taste, and texture. The skyline of the city is a sight for the sore eyes at night. Between the Custom Stretch Two-piece Cans twinkling skyscrapers and the ambitious metropolitans, the busy streets of the city offer the best food fairs which celebrate the intermingling of Cantonese and Chinese cuisines.


Nothing can beat the savoury sight of a perfectly Roasted Goose hanging from the iron bars in the local street side restaurants of Hong Kong. Some of the best places that specialise in this delectable dish are Yue Kee, the Mandarin restaurant in Ting Kau, the Yak Lau restaurant in Central and the Kam’s Roast Goose in Wan Chai.There is a popular culture of drinking traditional Chinese tea called Yum Cha in Hong Kong. The hot sips of yum cha are accompanied with soft delectable steamed wontons or dim sums. These little tasty nibbles could either be filled with veggies or with juicy pieces of meat which could either be Chicken, Duck or Pork served along with a heady broth. The most famous wontons are the Schuan-styled.


To experience the best wontons in Hong Kong head to Lokcha Tea House in Hong Kong Park, the Lin Heung Tea House in Sheung Wan, the Clipper Lounge or the Luk Yu Tea House in Central.Dublin The moment Ireland crosses your mind, the warm and welcoming smell of a hearty Irish Stew starts playing with your culinary senses. The breezy notes of Celtic music paired with Irish stews and soups usher you into a delightful gastronomic extravaganza that’s unbeatable.The wholesome Irish cuisine is a symbol of its rich culture and heritage. It has been fortified with abundant produce of the pastures and the seaside of the Ireland countryside since ancient times. The Irish are crazy about their Corned Beef and the fluffy Soda Bread. The Champ is a popular potato dish and another Irish favourite is the Colcannon which is prepared with potato and Cabbage.